Integrade partners with Evalto, Inc. (Iowa, United States) to offer our clients value-added products and solutions to leverage even more power from the RSA Archer platform. Integrade is a fully supported partner and reseller of Evalto’s products and services.

Evalto Overview

Evalto, Inc. provides RSA Archer consulting and software focused specifically on helping administrators and risk owners manage their Archer environment/processes more effectively.

Our certified RSA Archer professionals specialize in creating supporting tools, utilities, and integrations. Their goal is to increase the efficiency for RSA Archer administrators, developers, and power users. RSA and other partners provide excellent solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) challenges. Evalto provide RSA Archer Consulting and Software to reduce the time spent performing manual tasks so developers can spend more time delivering solutions for business partners. Evalto currently offers the following products to help you do more with the RSA Archer platform:


Inactive User Reporting

Evalto’s Inactive User Reporting (IUR) solution enables you to proactively monitor active/open records in RSA Archer to ensure active users are assigned to key business processes across all applications and questionnaires. This powerful solution enables you to effectively manage turnover within your organization and avoid past due risk and compliance tasks and associated costs (fines, fees, realized risks, and opportunity cost). The solution is fully certified by RSA as an official app-pack.

Learn more and watch a video demo:

Inactive User Reporting demo

RSA App-Pack documentation

Archer Values List Export Tool (AVLET) – Lite and Pro

“AVLET Lite” is a free utility which reads an exported RSA Archer values list (global or local) .xml file and creates a .csv file to open
in Excel for further formatting and sharing with your business partners or for documentation purposes.

“AVLET Pro” is a licensed application which provides admins the ability to export one or many values lists directly from Archer without
having to export each .xml file manually. It then converts the information into .csv format.

Your power business partners likely want a full understanding of the solution they are using including all the values list values and
options. These values may be filtered/hidden based on rules/actions or calculated and therefore they may not see all the options in the list.

Creating quality application/questionnaire documentation takes time and values lists are an important component of that documentation. Speed up that process with a tool which quickly lets you view all the values list
options in an easy to read format.

Learn more and watch a video demo:

AVLET – Lite and Pro