Jump start your Risk Management solutions

Most of the successful organizations that have witnessed an organic growth have risk management solutions working autonomously without interacting much with each other. Risk management like many other functions can reap maximum benefits when the programs are interconnected. Data should flow from one system to other seamlessly to detect any patterns that can be of great value.

Move your risk management solutions to the next level by integrating the on a unified Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform such as RSA Archer. RSA Archer provides the following use cases enabling quicker development and deployment of risk solutions across the organization –

  1. Third Party Governance
  2. Audit Management
  3. Public Sector
  4. Business Resiliency
  5. Regulatory & Corporate Compliance
  6. IT & Security Risk
  7. Enterprise & Operational Risk

For details on the above use cases, read here (insert link to the use cases of RSA Archer)

Integrated Risk Management assists the organizations in generating maximum value from various risk management solutions. Some of them are as follows –

  1. An integrated view of the risks
  2. Enables quicker decision making
  3. Enables digital transformation empowerment
  4. Breaks the silos
  5. Better communication channels established
  6. Scalability, performance resulting in profitability
  7. Agility and flexibility leading to increased speed of performing activities
  8. Assists in identifying emerging patterns across risk data

We, at Integrade Solutions partner with organizations to achieve synergies out of an integrated risk management. Our rich experience working with clients from various industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health care will be perfect companions to build your robust risk management program. We help organizations in identifying potential areas of integration with respect to their risk management programs. From partnering with organizations on developing risk management frameworks, developing policies and procedures, to technology implementation on platforms such as RSA Archer, we provide end-to-end best in class services.