Integrated Risk Management

For ages, businesses existed to make profits and were never worried about any risks that may have been lurking in the dark. Many a times, large organizations have just vanished from the markets for not having a robust Risk Management program in place. Classic cases are those of a reputed mobile phone maker of the early 2000’s that has lost its market share by many folds, a famous photographic company of the same time that is almost on the verge of collapse and of a famous web services company of the United States that was acquired by a then lesser known competitor.

Lacking a forward looking strategy and lacking a Risk Management program have an equal share in the downfall of companies. Typical Risks range from Strategic to Market, Liquidity to Credit, Reputation to Vendor depending on the nature of the businesses an organization is into.Managing these risks by timely identification, smart analysis, proactive action plans to mitigate or transfer or sometimes accept them based on the risk tolerance and report these risks in their adequacy to the higher management and continuing to do so is the crux of a typical Risk Management program. Below picture depicts typical Risk Management areas that RSA Archer supports. Integrade has expertise on all these areas. 

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) or Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) programs are gaining ground of late not because of the regulatory or auditory pressures but because of the strategic strengths these programs started to offer to the organizations. These programs otherwise were erstwhile considered a mere cost to the companies and not enough support was provided by the top level management. Hence, they were lying like random pieces of tactical work rather than any strategic leveragers. As things evolve with time, with robustness sneaking into these programs, for instance in EGRC smart suites such as RSA Archer, the managements across organizations began to take notice of the benefits offered to them. Things have changed now with dedicated Risk Management programs forming a part of the overall company strategy backed up by the managements with more support than ever.

Our expertise in implementing IRM/EGRC programs for multiple reputed clients makes us one of the sough after teams in the market. We have partnered with organizations to implement solutions on RSA Archer on some vital areas such as Vendor Risk Management, Policy Management, Business Continuity Management and Issues Management. We have also undertaken projects on Managed Services supporting maintenance of the already built solutions. Our robust team of certified risk professionals are ready to plunge into action to provide support round the clock.

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