Policy Management

Policies are bound to evolve overtime with changing business priorities. Our ready to customize Policy Management solution houses all the policies of the organization tying to Exceptions Management module. This was a great relief to an insurance client who is now able to have a centralized view of Exceptions linked to Policies and their other allied areas. The automated workflow seamlessly drives the process with approval controls in place where necessary. The dashboard facility up to the level of CXOs gives them a bird’s eye view of the organization’s Policy Management with capability to drill down to the policies, procedure and controls.


Information Security Risk Management

For a multi-geography banking client, managing information security risk was becoming a major impediment. Information security has been in the forefront of risk management solutions of late. With our end to end read to deploy information security risk management solution, the organization is now compliant with related regulations and is able to effectively manage and monitor risks for identified and defined entities.


Vendor Risk Management

For a large health care institution managing the risks of several of its vendors/third parties was a challenge as the size of the organization in terms of geographies has started to increase. The reputation of the organization rests on the services provided by their vendors which counts much more in the sensitive health care industry. Our end to end enterprise wide third-party governance solution enabled the organization to continuously monitor the risks and manage the risks of the vendors.


Business Continuity Management

A reputed automotive manufacturer was not confident of the siloed business continuity and disaster recovery programs in place and mounting regulatory pressure. The organization wanted to have a holistic understanding of the Business Continuity Planning that led them to us. Through automated workflows and an integrated approach that gives a command and confidence in the disaster recovery and business continuity plans, our team enabled the organization to move ahead with renewed confidence.


copliance management

Compliance Management

Manufacturing organizations have to be in compliance with multiple regulations and standards to effectively manage risks. Our unified compliance framework identifies regulations with motto ‘test once, comply many’. The rationalized regulations and standards take less time, effort and cost of organizations, making them best in the world in the area of compliance management. Automated, simple to deal with processes with effective notification systems in place made the whole process efficient and integrated.